Laun­ched by Neville Brody and Jon Wozen­croft in 1991, FUSE was the ground-breaking publi­ca­tion that took design and typo­gra­phy into radi­cally new and unfo­re­seen spaces. The major influ­ence of its revo­lu­tio­nary and expe­ri­men­tal approach to typo­gra­phic lan­guage rever­be­ra­tes still, and today—twenty years after its launch—the explo­ra­ti­ons car­ried out by some of the most famous and influ­en­tial names in the indus­try stand out as futu­ris­tic and ahead of their time.

To com­me­mo­rate the release of issue 20, TASCHEN brings you a com­plete com­pen­dium of all the issues. Exclu­sive to this publi­ca­tion are FUSE19 and FUSE20, two newly-commissioned and never-before publis­hed issues, in the form of 10 A2 pos­ters and 24 down­loa­da­ble fonts, making this boxed edi­tion a collector’s item. This is the legacy crea­ted by the best con­tem­porary thin­kers on typeface design: the list of cont­ri­bu­tors to FUSE reads like a who’s who of typo­gra­phic design, from Erik Spie­ker­mann to Ste­fan Sag­meis­ter, Peter Saville, Jona­than Bar­n­brook and Tobias Frere-Jones, plus many more. Edi­to­rial cont­ri­bu­tors include Adrian Shaugh­nessy and Jon Wozen­croft.

Inclu­ded in this spe­cial edi­tion:

  • 10 exclu­sive pos­ters from the never-before seen edi­ti­ons of FUSE19 and FUSE20
  • A com­pi­la­tion of the work of the most inno­va­tive and renow­ned typo­gra­phic desi­gners of the last two deca­des
  • Key­card with code to down­load fonts from issue 19 and 20
  • Com­plete out-of-print issues 1 to 18 com­pi­led in a book desi­gned by Neville Brody


Autor: Thomas Cloer

Thomas Cloer ist Corporate Communications Manager in München. Hier schreibt er privat über allerlei, was ihn so interessiert.

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